Laurie Mylroie // #Trump invite to #Putin roils Washington as #HelsinkiAgreements, including #Rojava, remain unclear

Trump invite to Putin roils Washington as Helsinki Agreements, including Rojava, remain unclear – At the press conference in Helsinki, Trump said that he had discussed Syria “at length” with Putin. Subsequently, Russia’s ambassador to the US told reporters that Putin had raised “specific and interesting proposals” about cooperation between the US and Russia in Syria.

Suspicion exists that such an understanding would involve a Russian pledge to restrain Iran in Syria, allowing Trump to withdraw US forces from the country, as he has repeatedly said he would like to do.

Such a deal would have serious implications for Syria’s Kurds, obliging them to reach some agreement with Damascus,

However, those US officials who would be charged with carrying out such an understanding say they do not know about it. When CENTCOM Commander, Gen. Joseph Votel was asked about it at a press briefing on Thursday, he responded, “We have received no specific direction at this point.”

Moreover, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, was asked, also on Thursday, for the intelligence community’s view of the prospects for the success of such a deal.

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  1. Does not surprise me one bit.

    Here’s a link I found today in relation to Filipino guest workers in Kuwait, and how many Kuwaitis think about them:

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