Pacific Northwest Antifascism Notes // July 19th 2018

Think millennials are woke? A new poll suggests some are still sleeping on racism. – The Washington Post

David Neiwert // Freedom to Bash Heads | David Neiwert – “What we should be doing to all the illegals that are jumping over our borders, we smash their heads into the concrete,” he declared to the crowd. “Handling business. Separating them from their kids. Making sure they’re not with pedophiles and child molesters, people like the left.”

The outburst was typical of the ugly taunts both sides had been using all day, fuming at each other as they were separated by police barriers, a street, and several phalanxes of helmeted riot officers.

About fifteen minutes later, the same Proud Boy, believed to be a California man who came north for the protest, could be seen participating in some of the most brutal assaults yet associated with the now-regular “free speech” rallies staged by Patriot Prayer, the group of far-right provocateurs based in nearby Vancouver, Washington.

In one video, the megaphone shouter can be seen joining a cluster of about six other Proud Boys as they kick a black-clad antifascist protester, curled into a fetal position on the ground. At one point he indeed appears intent on smashing the man’s head into the concrete. At the Patriot Prayer “Freedom and Courage” event, there were about sixty of them altogether. Many had arrived from other states, mingling with the militia-oriented “Patriots” from event organizer Joey Gibson’s outfit.

LEAKED: Violent Racists Use Facebook Chat To Plan ‘Unite The Right 2’ – UNICORN RIOT – Unicorn Riot has obtained logs of a Facebook Messenger chat group created by Kessler to plan his ‘Unite The Right 2’ event. The chat logs, provided by an anonymous source, show messages sent and received between May 13 and June 14 of this year. They show Kessler struggling to plan basic event logistics, frustrated by lawsuits, and desperate for support from a movement that has largely turned its back on him.

Potential speakers for the rally are named by Kessler to include neo-nazi Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, and former KKK leader David Duke. Despite ‘Unite The Right’ already being heavily associated with neo-nazi and Klan groups, the planners of the 2018 event seem obsessed with somehow re-branding themselves as non-racist. Kessler and his cohorts also discussed inviting a token “non-white” speaker with the hope that it would give them “political cover” to bring on white supremacist speakers such as Duke.

Karim Zidan // Feature: How an MMA clothing brand spreads racism and hate – Bloody Elbow //

Aptly named ‘Aggressive Clothing Comp,’ the store’s only recognizable feature is the white banner proudly positioned outside its entrance. Three figures are drawn on the banner above the store: a crusader, a Viking, and a fighter. The three figures face a pagan symbol known as the Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun). The symbol, a modified version of one used by ancient Norse and Germanic tribes, is synonymous with “far-right groups who traffic in neo-Nazi or neo-Volkisch ideologies”. Emblazoned next to the occultist symbol are the words WHITE REX.

The banner is not unique to the Voronezh oblast (region). According to the brand’s social media page, White Rex clothes are available in 29 locations across Russia, including five separate outlets in cosmopolitan Moscow. Some of the outlets carrying White Rex clothing are christened with names such as White Brothers, Radical Wear, Pridetown, and Rus Ultras, all of which specialize in sports wear that promotes a similar ideology.

Nick Statt // Undercover Facebook moderator was instructed not to remove fringe groups or hate speech – The Verge – Those questionable practices primarily involve a hands-off approach to flagged and reported content like graphic violence, hate speech, and racist and other bigoted rhetoric from far-right groups. The undercover reporter says he was also instructed to ignore users who looked as if they were under 13 years of age, which is the minimum age requirement to sign up for Facebook in accordance with the Child Online Protection Act, a 1998 privacy law passed in the US designed to protect young children from exploitation and harmful and violent content on the internet. The documentary insinuates that Facebook takes a hands-off approach to such content, including blatantly false stories parading as truth, because it engages users for longer and drives up advertising revenue.

Zane Sparling // Pamplin Media Group – Proud Boys ‘a threat’ to democracy, Portland group says – “Democratic institutions really need to understand the serious threat posed by the Proud Boys,” Western States staffer Lindsay Schubiner told the Tribune. “We really see them as a dangerous group that provokes violence tied to their racist views.”

Western States has been advocating for Mykel Mosley, a 17-year-old African American teenager they say was wrongfully arrested after he was allegedly assaulted by several prominent Proud Boys on May 11 near the Vancouver Mall.

The incident, captured on cellphone video, started after Mosley apparently shouted an obscenity to several Proud Boys driving by in a truck displaying a Donald Trump flag.

Ryan Lenz // The Oath Keepers are planning an ‘ongoing’ protest of Maxine Waters’ congressional offices | Southern Poverty Law Center – The Oath Keepers, the nation’s largest and most influential antigovernment militia, is planning an “ongoing” protest at California Rep. Maxine Waters’ congressional offices in Los Angeles beginning Thursday.

The protest is scheduled to last only a few hours on Thursday, but organizers have left plans open-ended with the possibility to continue for “an indefinite time” if needed.

“This is both a protest against Maxine Waters’ incitement of terrorism, and a stand FOR ICE and the Border Patrol, as they enforce the perfectly constitutional immigration and naturalization laws of this nation,” the call-to-action posted on Tuesday read.

Hate Notes: The Maxine Waters Marxist Minstrel Show | Frontpage Mag

Jewish nation state: Israel approves controversial bill – BBC News – The “nation state” law says Jews have a unique right to national self-determination there and puts Hebrew above Arabic as the official language.

Arab MPs reacted furiously in parliament, with one waving a black flag and others ripping up the bill.

Israel’s prime minister praised the bill’s passage as a “defining moment”.

“A hundred and twenty-two years after [the founder of modern Zionism Theodore] Herzl made his vision known, with this law we determined the founding principle of our existence,” Benjamin Netanyahu said.

“Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people, and respects the rights of all of its citizens.”

However, the law risks further alienating Israel’s large Arab minority, who have long felt discriminated against.

Pacific Northwest Proud Boys – Jake Farmer, Nick Boling, Travis Taylor, Mark Rupprecht · Rose City Antifa – Rose City Antifa, working in conjunction with allied groups in the region, has obtained information on many of the Pacific Northwest-located members of the white nationalist, alt-right group known as the Proud Boys. Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles detailing the Proud Boys’ specific brand of organized hate, and the individuals who make up this rising “weekend warrior” gang, in order to alert the community about the threat that this group poses.

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