Charles Mudede // Kylian Mbappé and the Contradictions of Fortress Europe

Kylian Mbappé and the Contradictions of Fortress Europe – Slog – The Stranger – And if one does a genealogy of these forms, Macron’s and Le Pen’s political positions, you hit upon two famous 20th century economists: Friedrich Hayek (check out the Hayek/Keynes rap) and Wilhelm Röpke (no rap about that bloke).

Slobodian explains that Hayek, a hero of the indirectly racist wing of the Republican party, was opposed to Apartheid, and not because it oppressed black people, but because it convinced black people that power was in the state, which was supporting the interests of the white minority, and not the market alone. For Hayek, this distorted the price system, which only worked well when it didn’t represent the interests of this or that group—white people, black people, a labor union, a monopoly, and so on. The function of the state was to keep politics (democracy) out of the market. And politics was about white people wanting more economic power than blacks, or black workers wanting more power than the white owners of capital. But why was this view of the state and the economy indirectly racist or unfavorable to labor? Because the moment of its initiation (or the moment it was instituted), it locked the history of those social/racial structures or differences permanently into an economy that was, ostensibly, a-historical. White supremacy did not go away, nor did class divisions; they continued, but now in a legal framework that was, in essence, post-racial and post-class. This is your Macron.

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