Adam Lusher // Gudrun Burwitz, the daughter of the architect of the Holocaust, was a committed Holocaust denier who became known as the ‘Princess of Nazism’

Friday 29 June 2018 11:15 // Himmler’s daughter worked for Germany’s foreign intelligence agency in 1960s, officials admit | The Independent – Despite her father having been head of Hitler’s SS and therefore heavily responsible for the murder of six million Jews, as well as the deaths of gypsies and gay people, Ms Burwitz remained a committed Holocaust-denier to the very end.

As an ageing grandmother, she took a leading role in an organisation called Stille Hilfe (Silent Help), which supported former SS members when they were arrested for crimes against humanity, and gave succour to others seeking to evade justice.

The group is thought to have been first created in 1951 by a group of SS officers and rightwing German clergy.

Ms Burwitz’s later involvement in the organisation helped ensure that in some quarters she was referred to as the “Princess of Nazism”.

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