Afrocentricity vs. Homosexuality: The Isis Papers by Matthew Quest


Afrocentricity vs Homosexuality: The Isis Papers – Welsing offers The Isis Papers as a revolutionary treatise. This makes many of her assertions even more problematic. By equating Black manhood with “not macho or money” but “warrior or soldier against the system,” she attempts to deny Black homosexuals and women, whites, and others, their necessary role as revolutionaries against white supremacy. She suffers from the common reasoning among Black middle-class voices (common especially now in books articulating their “rage”) that are surprised and/or dis appointed that “even when high income is allowed, there is no true power in its ultimate sense meaning to support, protect and defend the lives of one’s self, one’s wife, and one’s children.” Dr. Welsing remains adamant that a class analysis of capitalism is not relevant to Black people, as most afrocentrists claim, because they are oppressed as a race. Dr. Welsing, like many afrocentrists, puts forward a conception of revolution that is doomed to fail. However, it has already been successful in provoking the politics of reaction, though not on the scale of her eurocentric predecessors. Under the guise of unity she continues the alienation of Black homosexuals as acting white and/or acting abnormal. Under an American system of white supremacy and capitalism, she attempts to put forward an Africa-centered agenda for Black revolution that is woefully ignorant of the political economy that destroys both Africans and Americans and, for that matter, the diversity of the culture of the diaspora. No one should hesitate from pulling out all the stops to oppose such retrogressive ideas, even at the risk of bei ng proclaimed an “Uncle Tom” or a race traitor.

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