Joan Weeks // #Waycobah #FirstNation – Over more than a decade, a peer support group has helped elders break the silence

Waycobah First Nation residential school survivors make regalia for youth as part of healing process | CBC News – “They’re dancing. We are bringing back what we never had. They’re free to have a future as a Mi’kmaq child. I feel happy.”

“You’re so proud these little kids are getting something about their culture back when it was always told to us, they wanted to assimilate us into the white society,” said Pelletier.

“Instead of trying to take it away we are trying to give it back.”

As for the survivors, Currie said, “It’s amazing to see their resilience. It’s amazing to see their capacity for generosity and sharing their love for their culture and sharing with generations to come. I’m incredibly proud of them.”

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