Rawan Tayoon // #Palestinian Liberation cannot be achieved without abolishing #antiBlackness – RaceBaitR

Palestinian Liberation cannot be achieved without abolishing anti-Blackness – RaceBaitR – I was about 14 when Trayvon Martin was killed, and I clearly remember how my mother, nearly tearful, was angry about Zimmerman’s lack of conviction, and the adjacent media that refused to scrutinize his behavior. Having grown up in Palestine under Israel military occupation, she recognized the brutality of state violence and the media that normalizes it.

She saw how the media always framed armed soldiers fearing for their lives, while civilian Palestinians were always the threat. She was nowhere near the only Palestinian to make the connection either. Liberation News documented how “many Palestinians circulated pictures of themselves holding signs that read: ‘Palestinians stand with those who mourn Trayvon Martin’s death. We know what it feels like to lose loved ones and to watch the murderers evade justice.’”

That Afro-Palestinians and Black Americans also face anti-Blackness from non-Black Palestinians is a deep injustice that is not only morally abhorrent, but deeply hypocritical from a people fighting against the colonial racial supremacy that has created and maintained racial hierarchy with white people being firmly positioned on top, and Black people locked in a permanent underclass.

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