#ParisDennard is a Major Example of a Major Black Political Problem

Published on 16 May 2018

CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Breaking News 5/15/2018. CNN Panel of Political Commentators Angela Rye, Paris Dennard and Marc Lamont Hill talks about Hollywood Director Spike Lee lashing out at President Trump for his comments on the Charlottesville situation and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s trip to Israel for the new opening of the United States Embassy.

George Johnson // Why Paris Dennard Needs To Catch The Fade In The Worst Possible Way – Leading that charge for our eradication nightly is the crusty lipped bandit and CNN GOP political commentator Paris Dennard aka, the voice of Black people who wish they were white when assimilation is not enough. Nothing pains me more than to cut on CNN nightly and watch the ashy chapped lips of Dennard refute everything logical about being a Black man in America in effort to sway the opinion that Trump has our best interest at heart. He has night in and night out defended Trump’s agenda as it continues to oppress the marginalized and shown that he is just as delusional as the millions of Black men who checked off Trump on the ballot box. Dennard however is not new to being a coon in the Republican Party, and has a long history of fuckery to back it up. From 2005 – 2009 Paris served under the Bush Administration as *drum roll please* The White House Director of Black Outreach where he was the liaison to the Black community at large. Yall remember Bush right? The President that flew OVER New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The one Kanye West, on national television, said “doesn’t like Black People”, which I understand you may now take with a grain of salt since Kanye got kicked out of the family cookout. Bush was as good to Black people as unseasoned baked fried chicken, and Dennard was very much one of the chefs. Much like current Director Omorosa, Paris, during that era deflected, lied, conjured, and spread alternative facts about how much the GOP was doing for Black America. Evident in how many Black and brown folk were hurt economically during the Bush administration, you would think it would pull Paris from that “sunken place”, but instead he opened the door to suck more negroes in and 8 years later, we have Trump.

Parker Riley // Paris Dennard Embarrasses Himself When Talking About Trump And Race | News One – CNN decided to debate Trump’s insincere appearance at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum with Dennard and Democratic operative A. Scott Bolden. CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield calmly asked Dennard, “How do you, as a Black man, defend the President’s remarks last night for support of a man who talked about days being great in the days of slavery?” Whitfield is referring to Trump endorsing racist and accused pedophile Roy Moore.


Parker Riley // Shermichael Singleton Calls Paris Dennard A Sellout | News One – Shermichael Singleton is a Republican who worked for the Trump administration for less than a month. He was the senior adviser for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and reported to Ben Carson. But when Trump’s team found out he wrote this for The Hill in 2016, “My party in particular has allowed itself to be taken over by someone who claims to be a Republican but doesn’t represent any of our values, principles or traditions,” Singleton was quickly fired. Yep, he was fired for criticizing Trump.

Now, Shermichael is a political commentator and this week he got into a battle with Paris Dennard. While discussing Omarosa “resigning,” — “fired,” according to April Ryan — Singleton wanted to know why there are no White House staffers who are Black. “Where in the hell are the Black people? Seriously, where are they? Outside of the ground’s keeper, the butler, the maids — where are they Black people? There are none.” Paris Dennard attempted to clap back with, “Maybe you’re bitter because you were fired.” Shermichal quickly said, “I may have been fired but at least I have respect for my community. I’d rather have respect than be a sell out!” Don Lemon was shocked and Paris Dennard attempted to compose himself as he tried to explain the alleged diversity in the Trump administration. Watch the exchange below:

Did Paris Dennard Block A Radio Host Over Same-Sex Marriage? | News One – Written By Parker Riley

Posted February 22, 2018

Paris Dennard is known to have temper tantrums on CNN. Whether it’s defending Trump or defending himself as a Black man who is loyal to a man who sympathizes with neo-Nazis, the conservative has been dragged all over CNN and social media. However, some people try to to hear out the Republican, which was the case for Sirius XM radio host Clay Cane who hosts The Clay Cane Show on Urban View channel 126.

Cane had Dennard as a guest on the first episode of The Clay Cane Show back on November 5. The two talked a variety of issues, from his history as a Republican to his loyalty for Trump. However, the interview got a bit awkward when Clay asked about same-sex marriage (the majority of young Republicans support same-sex marriage). Paris paused and stumbled, “I-I-I am not for same-sex marriage because of — primarily because of my religious beliefs. But I also believe, and I don’t know how other people view this, but I believe that the sanctity of marriage is rooted in the Bible so I would rather not even have the government involved because I think it has made a mockery of marriage by the way people go in and get a quick marriage in Vegas. They have it annulled and they get divorced in four hours. That’s not what marriage is about.”

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