Danielle Young // #Suicide Or Cover Up: What Army Private, #LaVenaJohnson’s Rape & Death Says About America

Rape In The Military | HelloBeautiful – The hole in LaVena’s head appeared to be more the size of a pistol shot rather than an M-16 round. Dr. Johnson questioned why the exit hole was on the left side of her head, when she was right handed. Things that make you go…hmm. Then there was also the fact that military uniform white gloves were glued onto LaVena’s hands, hiding third degree burns. This is the evidence that solidified Dr. Johnson’s suspicion that the Army’s investigation into the death of his daughter was flawed. Furthermore, Dr. Johnson received of photographs taken by Army investigators of his daughter’s body as it lay where it had been found, as well as other photographs of her disrobed body taken just prior to the autopsy.

Source: Suicide Or Cover Up: What Army Private, LaVena Johnson’s Rape &a

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