Gus John // Why I’m turning down Theresa May’s invitation to celebrate #Windrush

Opinion // Why I’m turning down Theresa May’s invitation to celebrate Windrush | Gus John | Opinion | The Guardian – In July 2013, as home secretary, May’s vans were running around London displaying billboards targeted at “illegal” immigrants, telling them to “go home or face arrest”. These vans misled not just the “illegal” immigrants whom it wished to flush out, but also the public, whom it wished to impress with its “zero tolerance” stance on illegal immigration: “106 arrests last week in your area”. It turns out that 106 was the total number of arrests across the six pilot boroughs in which the vans had operated over a period of two days. Arrests, not prosecutions or deportations.

In an attempt to create a “hostile environment”, May placed four generations of Windrush arrivants and their descendants in the sight of any would-be defender of white Britain and its borders, including racists and neo-fascists, who felt they had a patriotic duty to help prevent Britain from being “swamped” by any means necessary.

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