Yolonda Wilson // Why black women’s experiences of #MeToo are different THE CONVERSATION 14 JUN 2018 AT 08:52 ET

Yolonda Wilson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Howard University // Why black women’s experiences of #MeToo are different – Democratic Underground – While the #MeToo movement has been successful in bringing down several high-profile assailants, critics continue to argue that it has been monopolized by middle- and upper-class white women, particularly white Hollywood actresses. This, despite the fact that a black woman, Tarana Burke, created the Me Too campaign more than a decade ago. These criticisms reflect the fact that black women have experienced sexual violence differently than white women.

As a philosopher of race and gender who has written about sexual harassment, I offer historical context on the ways that black women experience sexual abuse, often by the authority of the state, as a way to think about black women’s contemporary experiences as the kinds of experiences that #MeToo should address.


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