Green’s poor work was widely known and had been documented for years by multiple supervisors.

Scathing review dissects how supervisors allowed disgraced detective’s misconduct | – Chair Jim Bernard said he’d like the California-based consultants to brief the board in-person on their findings. Two former prosecutors carried out the detailed review and issued what Bernard called “great recommendations.”.

“We are going to expect the sheriff to implement those recommendations where possible,” he said. “When I talk to him today, that is what I am going to tell him. I hope we can work together to make sure we do this.”.

The county commissioned the $40,000 review after Sgt. Matt Swanson went to his supervisors with concerns about Detective Jeff Green’s pattern of ignoring cases, including child sex abuse allegations. Green pleaded guilty last year to two misdemeanors for failing to investigate reports of child abuse. He retired in 2015..

Earlier this year, Swanson sued the county, alleging that his supervisors created a hostile work environment after he complained..

OIR Group concluded that the Sheriff’s Office repeatedly failed to act on Swanson’s complaint..

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