Larry Aubry // Post-Racial Myth Perpetuates Racism and White Privilege

“Unfortunately, Blacks have never been among President Obama’s top priorities. They have never received the support they need, and hoped for, from his administration. A case in point, in his second inaugural address, the president singled out poverty, LGBT, immigration reform and seniors for special consideration, but not Blacks. Apparently, they are not a part of the chosen ones.

Today’s column again cites alternative analyses and suggestions to meet the daunting challenges facing the Black community in the 21st century.

White privilege and racism remain America’s pre-eminent realities even though white America still denies it. Sadly many Black people, albeit for vastly different reasons, join whites as partners in a dance of denial. Clearly, Whites downplay the primacy of race but maintain race-based power under the bogus guise of America a non-discriminating melting pot. (For many Blacks, downplaying race is a misguided attempt to assimilate.) On the color continuum, however, it’s still the closer to White, the better, rendering assimilation an exercise in futility. Race matters, and Black lives have always mattered.

The late Derrick Bell’s penetrating analysis is a primer on the implications of the continuing significance of race. And his observations and conclusions shed light on seldom discussed aspects of an extremely complex issue. Bell argued that racism is so ingrained in American life that no matter what Blacks do to better their lives they will not succeed as long as the majority of Whites do not see their own well-being threatened by the status quo. He also reminded us that Blacks in bondage managed to retain their humanity and faith that pain and suffering were not the extent of their destiny.” ⟦Post-Racial Myth Perpetuates Racism and White Privilege – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel | African-American News⟧ –

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