Thank the #ReligiousRight for electing the brand new leader of #Ontario’s Progressive #ConservativeParty: #Rob Ford’s Brother, Doug Ford.


Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s biggest anti-abortion organization and a source of homophobic conspiracy theories about Ontario schools pushing a so-called “gay agenda,” issued a press release taking credit for Ford’s leadership win.

“CLC recruited more than 9,000 PC memberships in support of Tanya Granic Allen, and we asked supporters to rank Ford #2,” the group’s press release says.

“Their votes clearly played a large part in Doug Ford’s winning campaign.”

Considering the group’s supporters alone may have accounted for up to 15% of the 64,000 PC party members who cast votes, it’s possible they might be right.

Data from the final vote results suggests Ford largely owes his victory to second choice votes from last-place finisher Tanya Granic Allen, a single-issue candidate who runs an organization that distributes literature claiming sex-ed encourages behaviour that causes AIDS.

Ultimately, a candidate who claimed Ontario school children are too distracted by “anal sex” to focus on math during a televised leadership debate, may have played the role of kingmaker:

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