Oakland, Calif.: Radical Black woman activist runs for mayor – Workers World

Terri Kay posted on June 1, 2018 // Oakland, Calif.: Radical Black woman activist runs for mayor – Workers World // Oakland, Calif., May 22 — Workers World interviewed Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project and executive director of the California Justice Teams Network, who just announced her candidacy for mayor of Oakland. This is the first time a Black radical leader has run for this post since Bobby Seale of the Black Panther Party did in 1973.

Workers World: What is it about the political scene in Oakland that makes it the right time for Cat Brooks to run for mayor?

Cat Brooks: I think it’s the political scene in Oakland, but also the political scene nationally. We have said as an organization collectively since Trump got elected that there’s a blessing in Trump. It woke people up, it reinvigorated people who are already working, but it also woke up your mainstream, “I work 9 to 5, I’m not a racist, but I don’t do any actual work in the movement, but I consider myself a good person, and I believe in what this country says it’s supposed to be.”

[With the election of Trump] that group of people was yanked out of the sleepy reality of America being a democracy for all people. And they want — no, our goals are not the same — things the way they used to be pre-Trump, where they thought everything was okay because Obama was in office. That said, that shifts the conditions because people want to do something, and so what you’re seeing is across the country more left-leaning organizers and activists running and being elected to office.

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