Joe Concha // Don Lemon: ‘It’s my obligation as a journalist’ to call Trump a racist

Don Lemon: ‘It’s my obligation as a journalist’ to call Trump a racist | TheHill – “If you have the evidence that shows you, that leads you to nothing else but this president being racist, then I feel it’s my obligation as a journalist to say it,” he added.

Lemon called the president racist on the Jan. 11 edition of “CNN Tonight,” the same day the first reports emerged that Trump had referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “shithole countries” during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers.

“I said it, and I don’t regret saying it. I believe that to be true,” the 52-year-old Lemon said to the audience at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Accusations of racism have followed Trump since before he ever ran for office. He spent years promoting the false “birther” conspiracy theory that former President Obama wasn’t actually an American, and last August said there were “some very fine people” among the white supremacist protesters at the Charlottesville, Va., rally that left one woman dead.

“No. I’m not a racist. I’m the least racist person you will ever interview,” Trump told reporters during the fallout over his reported “shithole” comment.

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