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Morrissey: Israel haters are just ‘jealous’ of the country – The Jewish Chronicle

Michael Dickinson // counterpunch.org // Morrissey’s #Apartheid Shame

Activists from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel say a full-fledged cultural boycott against Israel could isolate the country and help persuade it to end its control over Palestinians, just as it is credited with contributing to the collapse of the apartheid regime in South Africa.  And yet while fellow musicians such as Carlos Santana, Pete Seeger, Jon Bon Jovi, Marc Almond, Mirreille Matthieu, and Elvis Costello have called off planned gigs in Israel, (Costello citing what he called the “intimidation” and “humiliation” of Palestinians), Morrissey, after ignoring calls to pull out of his first show, is now heading for his second!

In a video statement announcing the 2008 visit Morrissey, with the word ‘ISRAEL’ boldly tattooed on his forearm in Hebrew, ended with the words “God Bless Israel.”

After just over sixty years in existence, Israel is a state that is still denying Palestinian refugees their UN-sanctioned rights, simply because they are “non-Jews.” It is still illegally occupying Palestinian and other Arab lands, in violation of numerous UN resolutions. In the occupied Palestinian territory Israel is continuing the construction of its colonies and massive Wall in direct violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is still persistently and grossly breaching international law and infringing fundamental human rights with impunity afforded to it through munificent US and European economic, diplomatic and political support. It is still treating its own Palestinian citizens with institutionalized discrimination.

Morrissey In Tel Aviv: The Smiths Star Waves Israeli Flag On Stage


And as far as racism goes, the modern Loony Left seem to forget that Hitler was Left wing! But of course, we are all called racist now, and the word is actually meaningless. It’s just a way of changing the subject. When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is ”hmm, you actually have a point, and I don’t know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot we’ll both forget how enlightened your comment was.”

Alexander Billet // Morrissey’s “big mouth” silent on apartheid | The Electronic Intifada

Over the past several years, though, the questionable comments simply became too many. The straw that finally severed ties between he and anti-racist campaigners was when he called Chinese people “a sub-species.”

In an interview I did with LMHR convenor Martin Smith in 2010, Smith said of Morrissey:

[Y]ou know, everyone’s entitled to be wrong or change their mind once. I think the problem we’ve got with Morrissey is that he’s done it several times.

I don’t believe it’s a mistake. I think it’s conscious, and I think he’s gone too far. In our organization, some of the bands have already met and talked about it, and we don’t want to be associated with him. We feel it’s not helpful to anybody.

Of course, he could come out and make a clear denunciation, saying he didn’t say it—he hasn’t done that so far. And he hasn’t contacted us to say he wants to distance himself from his statements. I think really he has to grow up at minimum.

These are much more serious statements than he’s made before. “Subhuman” is crude racism, to put it mildly.

Former progressive reputation aside, the fact that this man would also make utterances like “God bless Israel” isn’t all that surprising. In 2008 he outright ignored calls to pull out of his show. This year, there hasn’t been the same campaign urging him to cancel.

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