Samanth Subramanian // Genetic study undermines #Hindu #nationalist theory – The National

Genetic study undermines Hindu nationalist theory – The National: The paper, titled The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia, instead suggests that India was home to several mixed populations, and that pastoralists who moved to India from Central Asia are likely to have brought with them an Indo-European language closely related to Sanskrit.

The world’s Indo-European languages, thought to spring from a common ancestral tongue, include not only Sanskrit and Hindi but also English, French, Greek, Russian and dozens of other modern languages.

Published on Saturday, the paper summarises a decade’s worth of research and collaboration by 92 scientists and scholars around the world, including geneticists, archaeologists, linguists, molecular biologists and anthropologists. The research relied upon DNA samples from 612 human remains dating from 6,200 BC to 1 AD, as well as samples from 1,789 people across 246 ethnographic groups in Central and South Asia.

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