#FactCheck: Were 400 white #SouthAfrican farmers murdered last year?

Fact check: Were 400 white South African farmers murdered last year? – Fact Check – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – Such attacks can include assault, rape, murder and at times, torture — examples of which are documented by the Afrikaner civil rights group AfriForum.

Johan Burger, a senior researcher with South Africa’s Institute for Security Studies, told Fact Check that while crimes such as assault are already serious, they take on “a completely different character” when committed on a farm.

This, he said, is at least partly due to the location of victims.

“Unlike urban areas, farms and smallholdings are much more isolated and removed from immediate police or other security assistance, including close neighbours,” Dr Burger said.

“This relative isolation provides attackers with much more time and freedom to commit their often atrocious crimes against their victims.”

According to police evidence to the human rights commission, farms are particularly vulnerable “due to the perception that farmers are rich and keep firearms and cash on the premises (for example to pay wages)”.

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