Pieter Howes // On #SouthAfrica’s White Genocide Myth And How Right-Wing #Afrikaners Are Dividing The Nation [Opinion]

inquisitr.com // On South Africa’s White Genocide Myth And How Right-Wing Afrikaners Are Dividing The Nation [Opinion] – What is even more mystifying, is that Afrikaners often cite the work of Dr. Stanton when they make their misleading claims of being the victims of ethnic cleansing. This kind of false rhetoric is extremely dangerous, not only because it paints a warped picture of South African domestic affairs, but also because it gives off the impression that black people are ruthless killers when in fact the opposite is true.

Black South Africans have shown a superhuman kindness towards white people in the post-oppression years; indeed an unprecedented capacity for forgiveness. They have never sought vengeance, and have continued to live peacefully amongst their former oppressors who still maintain a lifestyle far beyond what most black people can afford.

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