Jorge Barrera // The horrors of St. Anne’s | CBC News

The horrors of St. Anne’s | CBC News: “We looked forward to it,” said the residential school survivor, whose name is redacted in the OPP transcript. “It was an escape.” The woman, by then in her mid-30s, was describing her horrific nine-year stay at the school on Fort Albany First Nation, near the James Bay coast, as part of an indecent assault investigation of one of its former nuns. What she needed to escape, she told investigators, were the constant strappings and whippings, and the sexual assaults by a man she knew only as “the gardener.” “This shouldn’t have happened to us. They’re God’s workers, they were to look after us.” The transcript of the interview is among thousands of pages of OPP records from a sprawling investigation into abuse at St. Anne’s obtained by CBC News.

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