Willie Lynch Letter Hoax Debunked | OccupyTheory

Willie Lynch Letter Hoax Debunked | OccupyTheory – What makes the speech plausible, at least at first glance, is the fact that there really was a Willie Lynch who proposed Lynch laws during the Revolutionary War. The only problem is that Lynch was born in 1742, a full 30 years after the speech was apparently given. In 1836, there was a theory put forth that the idea of a Lynch law was a hoax that was perpetrated by none other than Edgar Allen Poe.

How come so many people believe that this speech is 100% authentic? It is because it has been quoted by prominent leaders in specific movements, such as the Nation of Islam. Louis Farrakhan quoted from the speech during the Million Man March in 1995 and then reiterated his comments a decade later during an open letter for the Millions More Movement.

The original document has never been found. The man who wrote the original essays has reportedly confessed to their creation, and there is no evidence that this man ever existed in historical documents. Even the tactics themselves may or may not be real. The truth is that the Willie Lynch letter hoax relies on a certain level of historical ignorance of the reader in order to make it seem like fact. With information that is clearly false, there is no doubt that this is a hoax.

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