Israel’s chief rabbi calls #AfroAmericans ‘monkeys’ – Middle East Monitor

Israel’s chief rabbi calls Afro-Americans ‘monkeys’ – Middle East Monitor – Yosef made the remarks as he cited a hypothetical story about encountering a black person in the US. He referred to black people using the pejorative Hebrew word “kushi”, which refers to a dark-skinned person usually of African descent, and called a black person a “monkey”.

“We don’t say a blessing for every negro,” said Yosef while explaining that praise and blessing is only said for the “negro” whose father and mother are white. “If you know, they had a monkey for a son, they had a son like that,” blessing shouldn’t be offered to them, he explained.

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    Also bear in mind that the Sephardim played a pivotal role in the Atlantic Slave Trade. The vast majority of the “Jews” that Farrakhan thinks he exposed for their role in the Atlantic Slave Trade (the African Holocaust) were Sephardim rather than Ashkenazim. But anti-Semites, like Negrophobes (including our senile Gunga Din friend above) get very slippery with facts and figures, using them to bolster their emotional and shoddy arguments. Voltare (himself a raving bigot): “prejudice is what fools use for reason.”

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