#SouthAfrica // Land expropriation without compensation is not a done deal.

South Africa: Land Expropriation Without Compensation – What You Need to Know – allAfrica.com – Other parties who supported the expropriation without compensation principle are the IFP, UDM, NFP, Agang, AIC and APC.

The DA does not support it, even though it says it “is fully committed to redressing the history of violent land dispossession in South Africa, and the social and economic legacy of this dispossession which still exists in our country today”.

“The DA will defend the Constitution and show that expropriation without compensation is not the solution to assisting the poor and marginalised in accessing land and economic opportunities,” DA MP and spokesperson on rural development and land reform Thandeka Mbabama said in a statement released on Wednesday.

“We believe it is possible to achieve the aims of land reform and to do so in a way that truly empowers black people and strengthens the economy. We reject the opportunism of launching an attack on the Constitution to deflect from the failures of the ANC-led government.”

Other parties opposing expropriation without compensation are Cope, the ACDP and the Freedom Front Plus.

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