Caste Prevents Hindus from Forming a Real Society or Nation – Dr Ambedkar

Caste Prevents Hindus from Forming a Real Society or Nation – Dr Ambedkar – Caste does not result in economic efficiency. Caste cannot improve and has not improved, the race. Caste has however done one thing. It has completely disorganized and demoralized the Hindus.
The first and foremost thing that must be recognized is that Hindu Society is a myth.

The name Hindu is itself a foreign name. It was given by the Mohammedans to the natives for the purpose of distinguishing themselves [from them]. It does not occur in any Sanskrit work prior to the Mohammedan invasion. They did not feel the necessity of a common name because they had no conception of their having constituted a community.
Hindu Society as such does not exist. It is only a collection of castes.

Each caste is conscious of its existence. Its survival is the be-all and end-all of its existence. Castes do not even form a federation. A caste has no feeling that it is affiliated to other castes, except when there is a Hindu-Muslim riot. On all other occasions each caste endeavours to segregate itself and to distinguish itself from other castes.
Each caste not only dines among itself and marries among itself, but each caste prescribes its own distinctive dress.

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