#Myanmar threats International Community using “Say your Prayers!” By Aung Aung

Myanmar threats International Community using “Say your Prayers!” – – Burmese Lawyers Association released a statement condemning the behavior of the extremists who used “Say your Prayers” as an insult to the whole judicial system and a threat not only to the reporters who followed the case, but to the lawyers and the judge. The lawyers urged the government to take action but government supports the ultranationalists ignoring their activities.

Majority knows that the ultranationalist monks Sitagu and Wirathu represent States policy, not Gautamas doctrines. Notorious monk, Sitagu, in his preach said “Killing unnecessary people like U Ko Ni is not a sin. The criminal Wirathu warned international community in his lecture “I will say “Say your Prayers” to those who insulted supporters of murderers of U Ko Ni, and those who blame monks. Raise your voice and let the World know “Pray to your God for forgiveness before we kill you “Hey !Eat well!” in Burmese. Wirathu threatened Yanghee Lee, the UN special rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar several times.
Aung San Suu Kyi also uses the term “Say Your Prayers” in her action ignoring UN fact-finding mission to discover genocidal atrocities against Rohingya. The Associated Press and Reuters news agencies have revealed evidences of mass graves but Suu Kyi denied all atrocities against Rohingya by the Myanmar military.

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