Christian Bryant // The complicated history of black gun ownership

The complicated history of black gun ownership – Texas is an open-carry state, and licensed gun owners can carry their firearms in plain sight.

So, do black gun owners have equal protection under the Second Amendment? In theory, sure. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, but blacks have a complicated history with gun ownership.

In the late ’60s, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan enacted the Mulford Act, which restricted the public from openly carrying firearms. It was in direct response to the Black Panthers exercising their Second Amendment rights.

“Anyone who would approve of this kind of demonstration must be out of their minds,” Reagan said.

In 2012, Marissa Alexander was convicted of an assault charge from a 2010 incident in which she fired a warning shot — with a reportedly licensed gun — at her abusive husband.

And more recently, in a graphic cellphone video, Philando Castile’s girlfriend says he told the officer he had a licensed weapon and was reaching for his ID when he was shot and killed.

“My boyfriend carries all his information in a thick wallet in his right-side back pocket. As he’s reaching for his back-pocket wallet, he lets the officer know, ‘Officer, I have a firearm on me.’ I begin to yell, ‘But he’s licensed to carry,'” Lavish Reynolds said.

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