Carol Schaeffer // The Unholy Alliance between #India and the New Global Wave of #WhiteSupremacy

2018-02-19_17-16-58.pngThe Unholy Alliance between India and the New Global Wave of White Supremacy – The Caravan – In 1998, Morgan came across the book Hitler’s Priestess, a biography of the esoteric Hitlerian Savitri Devi, written by the historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. A European woman, born in France as Maximiani Portas, Devi spent her life blending Hindu spiritualism and nationalism with Nazism. “Savitri Devi herself was an interesting, if problematic figure,” Morgan said in the 2014 interview. But what really interested him in that book, he added, were the author’s passing mentions of other writers, whom Morgan called “the traditionalists”—Julius Evola, René Guénon, and “all these figures who I had never heard of before that time, or maybe had just heard referenced, but didn’t know anything about them.”

In 2006, bored by his job as a “low-level administrator” at his alma mater, Morgan became involved with a publishing house called Integral Tradition Publishing with “some friends”—Patrick Boch and Jacob Christiansen Senholt—while maintaining his day job at the university. ITP was designed as a platform for “traditionalist” writers such as Evola, who is now widely regarded as one of the most influential racial fascists of the twentieth century. When I interviewed Morgan, he told me that he was also drawn to ideas of the transcendent and the spiritual, and even “flirted with Sufism for a little while.”

In November 2008, Barack Obama was elected as US president, following George W Bush. Morgan disliked both of them. Fed up with politics in the United States, he decided to relocate to India to work on ITP full time. He had never left the United States except to go to Canada. In February 2009, he joined Boch at an ashram in Mumbai that was affiliated with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or ISKCON: an organisation of the devotees of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, commonly known as “Hare Krishnas.” Morgan began working full-time on ITP and, that year, published the first English-language edition of an autobiography of Evola.

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