Martin Dimitrov // Bulgaria Tacitly Allows Neo-Nazis to March Again

Bulgaria Tacitly Allows Neo-Nazis to March Again :: Balkan Insight – The forum in Sofia took place just two days before several hundred ultra-nationalists from Bulgaria, and possibly from abroad, were due to take to the streets to commemorate a controversial World War II Minister of War, Gen. Hristo Lukov. Revered by far-right nationalists in Bulgaria, his detractors say Lukov – who was assassinated by communist partisans in 1943 – was a strong ally of Nazi Germany and a promoter of anti-Semitism. Officials, academics and diplomats, including the Israeli embassy and international Jewish organizations, regularly condemn the event, calling it a gathering of people of ultra-nationalist and Fascist ideas. In her speech, however, Mayor Fandakova omitted the use of such adjectives, saying only that she and her ruling centre-right GERB party disassociated themselves from the march. “There is no place for such an event in our town,” she added.

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