4thWorldRadyo // Civilised a pensé ou le Révisionnisme de Raciste? / Civilized Thought or Racialist Revisionism?


Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop at university in Paris.

SUMMARY: @TheAngryindian returns in this dispatch to deconstruct the sociopolitical and ideological millstones crushing critical-thought and progressive activism in North America and its ethnic/cultural sub-divisions. Indigenist theory aside, this spoken-word assessment (again) questions the nonsensical popular acceptance of doddery pseudoscientific beliefs and other wild conspiratorial theories based on nothing but the neoconservative desire to promote social confusion and instability. It is rarely pointed out that neo-cons work overtime using aggressive, arrogant rationalisations; deliberate misinterpretations and harridan-like spreading of flat-out falsehoods (via the internet) to justify traditional chauvinisms as well as their own petty, individual peeves and cultural anxieties. The host argues that until we decide to critique the social spaces where we happen to be by leaving them; to really see them as they are through a different context/perspective(s), our thinking will/can always be subject to unacknowledged parochialism and easily confused with a self-assured objectivity that isn’t neutral at all.

EXTRAS: Political clips; socially-conscious PSA’s and an archived interview between legendary American African broadcaster Listervelt Middleton and Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop on subjects related to Pan-Africanism, African history and his elemental theories regarding the cultural and ethnic foundations of the Mother Continent round-out this IRB programme.

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