RIP // #HughMasekela

Hugh Masekela – Grazing In The Grass – YouTube – “Grazing In The Grass” – Hugh Masekela (1968) Album: “The Promise of a Future” // Masekela was born in Kwa-Guqa Township, Witbank, South Africa. Following the 21 March 1960 Sharpeville Massacre—where 69 peacefully protesting Africans were shot dead in Sharpeville, and the South African government banned gatherings of ten or more people—and the increased brutality of the Apartheid state, Masekela left the country. He was helped by international friends such as Yehudi Menuhin, who got him admitted into London’s Guildhall School of Music. During that period, Masekela visited the United States, where he was befriended by Harry Belafonte. He attended Manhattan School of Music in New York, where he studied classical trumpet from ’60 to ’64. In 1964, Myriam Makeba and Masekela were married, divorcing two years later. He played at the Monterey Pop Festival in ’67 and became friends with Harry Belafonte. In ’68 he made this number-one monster hit (4 million copies). He also played on Paul Simon’s album Graceland and did the Graceland-tour.

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