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Editor’s Note: While I’m not a fan of the clearly politically Conservative/Libertarian leanings of this critique, I post it here only because the arguments presented to dissect the obvious problems with ‘Hidden Colors’ are accurate and present a solid response to the pseudoscience and historical revisionism that form the ideological basis of the series. For balance, below this data is an excerpt from a piece by Charing Ball of madamenoire.com >> Misogynists In The “Conscious” Community: Are We So Starved For Positive Images Of Our History That We Don’t Care Who Delivers Them? who generally comes to the same conclusion that I do in, The Mismeasures Of Revisionist Afrocentrism / Indigenist Thoughts on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives [http://ow.ly/UG8g0] in the sense that pride in African history and achievement is one thing, and ‘Master Race’ ideas are entirely something else indeed. Just because the discriminating ideology isn’t European is not a justification for giving non-White racialism a pass. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defence understood this. And this is perhaps why they were targeted for elimination.
The Irreligionist
Published on 6 Aug 2017

Tariq’s “Documentary” makes some absurd and baffling claims…and this is my response to just the first 30 minutes! I’ve made efforts to list all relevant sources (most of which have links to the full versions of the journals/books referenced). I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to comment and lemme know what ya think 😉
Sources + Links

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Charing Ball // Misogynists In The “Conscious” Community: Are We So Starved For Positive Images Of Our History That We Don’t Care Who Delivers Them? | MadameNoire – I was almost ready to believe the hype around the first Hidden Colors. A friend of mine, a very “conscious” brother whom I held in good regards, told me to give the documentary a chance. “I know you into all that female empowerment stuff but if you can put all that women-stuff aside, there is a lot of good information in this documentary.” I watched it, even when my better judgment wanted to balk at the inclusion of such questionable folks like Shahrazad Ali, author of the controversial books The Blackman’s Guide To Understanding The Blackwoman and The Blackwoman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackman. If that name sounds familiar, in the ’80s, Ali caused quite a stink for her books, particularly The Blackman’s Guide, for giving out such relationship advice that included saying it was perfectly acceptable for women to be smacked in the mouth.

And I watched this documentary, even though I noticed that the film’s producer and main “historian,” was Tariq Nasheed, a well-documented misogynist who promotes sexist and homophobic ideas in the name of black history. Most of you all may be more familiar with Nasheed’s other persona, King Flex, a gator-wearing, pimp-cup cupping, self-proclaimed ladies man, who has written numerous advice books about channeling your inner womanizer and has appeared on various television programs, promoting his tomfoolery, including on The Conan O’Brien Show and Flavor of Love: Charm School. When Nasheed isn’t pontificating on the Moors’ influence in the development of Rome, King Flex can be found giving “mack lessons” via his online radio show or his YouTube channel, dropping gems like,”‘women over 40 should be glad that any man is spitting at them because rarely do they look good” and “why hoodrats need to understand that their slick mouth ways are not tolerated on the west coast (as it is apparently tolerated in the the east and in the south), therefore, don’t be surprised when one of those hoodrats get punched in the mouth.” He also operates a message board called The United Players of America, where aspiring players, macks and hustlers can gain valuable insight into the proper way of laying down a smooth pimp hand from veteran players, macks and hustlers.

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