Declassified MI5 Files Released

More Declassified MI5 Files Released by National… – Matthew Aid //

Searchable from KV 2/4346 to KV 2/4408, KV 4/476 and KV 6/146, the files include:

  • Stern gang members Gilberte Elizabeth Lazarus and Yaacov Levstein (KV 2/4362) and Jacques Martinski (KV 2/4363) and their attempt to blow up the Colonial Office in London.
  • Intercepted correspondence between diplomat, politician and author Harold Nicolson (KV 2/4364) and Cambridge spy Guy Burgess who had fled to Moscow.
  • Details of activity by Portland Spy Ring members Ethel Gee (KV 2/4377) and Harry Houghton (KV 2/4380 to KV 2/4385) at the Navy’s Underwater Detection Establishment up until their arrests in 1961 for supplying secret information to the Soviet Union.
  • Hubert Cornelius van Ginhoven (KV 2/4378 to KV 2/4379), a Special Branch officer who was dismissed from the police for supplying sensitive information to the Soviet Union.
  • Novelist Kingsley Amis (KV 2/4399), who was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain during his time at Oxford University.
  • An MI5 report on counter espionage methods used in the Second World War (KV 4/476).
  • Gisela Hendrina Winegard, alias Klein, (KV 6/146), a fashion and photographer’s model who had links with a number of well-connected British military officers, including Army officer and Conservative MP John Profumo from the 1930s to the 1950s.

MI5 declassified and released 5000 files to National Archive | The London Post – (By Shahid Qureshi – London ) Moe than 100 historical files have been released by the Security Service to the National Archives at Kew area of London on 28th February 2014.

The 110 files demonstrate the breadth of the Service’s work around the time of the Second World War countering diverse threats from Russian espionage to Zionist terrorism.

The documents include the remarkable wartime story of British fascist sympathisers, or ‘Fifth Columnists’, who believed they were passing military secrets to the Nazis.

In reality they were passing the information to an MI5 agent ‘Jack King’ who was posing as a representative of the Gestapo. From today (28/02/14) the files are available for members of the public to view. MI5 has now declassified and released more than 5,000 files to the National Archives.

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