4thWorldRadyo // Speculative Injustice: Why Are Mainstream Leftists in the US Handing the International Far-Right the Sociopolitical Means to Co-Opt the Progressive Narrative?


Summary: @TheAngryindian wants to know: Why are North American mainstream progressives passively allowing the propaganda elements of the GOP/Republican Party to swerve (and confuse) public opinion without a firm challenge while as the same time, viciously condemning the US Anti-Fascist movement as ‘extreme’ regarding Direct Action against neo-Nazi street-fighters; Right-Wing domestic terrorists and other hard-line White Supremacist agitators that threaten to do physical harm to minorities and their opponents. The contradictions mentioned also extend to how People-of-Colour are dealing with the Trump Administration’s open embrace of White Supremacist ideologies and subversive intelligence aid from the Putin Government in Russia. Why is the African Left in the US still denying that the Russian Government (and Wikileaks) have been helping the racist elements within the GOP to demonise Africans in the United States as a social danger when Putin himself admitted that Russian hackers were involved while denying state sanction? The Russian government has helped the Republicans pursue legally-mandated as well as extra-legal discrimination against ‘Black Identity Activists’ and those supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement confronting racist police brutality and mass incarceration, so why are some Afro-Leftists supporting the Kremlin, which is supporting the rise of the far-right back at home in Russia?

EXTRAS: The usual news audio bits and pieces; words of Afro-theatre antiquity from Sis. Esther Rolle: ‘If You See a Devil Smash Him!’; advice from Bob Avakian and the usual sampling of socially-conscious PSA’s fill out our programme.

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