#Portland, #Oregon police chief obtains stalking order against #PDX #CopWatcher

Maxine Bernstein // Portland police chief obtains stalking order against Portland cop watcher | OregonLive.com – Outlaw took the witness stand, and said she was alarmed and intimidated by Richey’s behavior, describing how he followed her and filmed her on Dec. 8 while she was walking from City Hall back to her office in the Justice Center while she was on duty. Two days later, she said Ritchey followed her to her car in the parking garage of the downtown Safeway grocery store while she was off duty with a family member. He filmed her personal car and its license plate as she drove off, and posted the video on his YouTube site.

“If there’s no action taken by the court, Eli Richey’s conduct will continue,” Outlaw said. “There’s no apparent understanding of what’s reasonable. What personal space is. No delineation between private life and public life.”

Richey argued that he has the right to film the chief while she’s on duty and in uniform, and said he was “non-aggressive,” and stayed at a reasonable distance in both December encounters. He argued that the two incidents cited don’t rise to the level of alarming an individual or warrant a stalking order.

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