#Spain’s #farRight gains visibility in #Catalonia crisis

I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – As Catalonia’s separatist challenge heats up, far-right groups are increasingly taking to the streets in their quest for Spanish unity, sparking fears they will grow stronger after decades on the margins, analysts say.

15/10/2017- In central Barcelona on Thursday, xenophobic group Hogar Social, far-right party Vox and ultra nationalist group Espana 2000 rallied along with tens of thousands of families, couples and retirees for Spain’s national day. Not far off on Barcelona’s mountain of Montjuic, several hundred other far-right supporters rallied, holding fiery speeches next to a stand selling memorabilia like Adolf Hitler’s “political testament” or items marked with “SS”, the insignia of the Nazi elite force. Small groups of far-right supporters have gathered on other occasions in Barcelona, or further afield in Valencia or the Balearic Islands – parts of Spain with strong regional identities – sparking scuffles. While these types of incidents have happened in the past, some fear that the far-right could grow stronger if the face-off between Spain’s central government and Catalan leaders who want to break away persists.

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