Schertz councilman’s post dissing BLM sparks outrage |

Schertz councilman’s post dissing BLM sparks outrage | – Diana Taylor and Grumpy Azzoz also addressed city leaders.

“We don’t need to create hate in our community,” Azzoz said.

“I’m very much offended because of this that was posted about black lives,” Taylor said.

After public comment, Councilman Thompson was given the chance to speak.

“The post that I shared was not meant in any form or manner to be racist,” he said in the city council meeting. “Tonight marks the fourth time in my life that I have been called ‘racist’…Forgive the language I’m going to use, but it was exactly what was said to me. ‘We’re firing you because you’re encouraging n****** to drink our water and use our bathrooms’.”

Taylor believes the councilman’s response made the situation worse, and she wants him to resign.

“I was so offended, I got up and I walked out the door. I slammed the door. I was hurt and I’m still hurt. Racism is something we should not practice,” Taylor said. “I would like to see Robin Thompson resign immediately and I would like to see the support of all the city councilmen.”

Schertz Mayor, Michael Carpenter, said in a statement, “The post itself was not appropriate and it is not condoned by the City nor it’s leadership.”

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