North American-Based White Supremacist Organisations Have Declared: ‘We Are At War’ With The US Government. What Will the Trump Administration Do About It?

Garance_Franke-Ruta_on_Twitter2017-08-18_14-37-59CHINOOK NATION TERRITORIES [Fourth World] / North American-Based White Supremacist Organisations Have Declared: ‘We Are At War’ With The US Government. What Will the Trump Administration Do About It? | Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco / APNS – In a social media statement posted by recognised #UniteTheRight spokesperson Andrew Anglin – just hours after a deadly domestic terrorist attack took the life of an anti-racist activist, Ms. Heather Heyer, and crippled 19 others – the White Power organisations that have rallied behind the violent far-right assembly that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia have openly declared: ‘We  are now at war. And we are not going to back down’.

The danger in this public statement – during a period increasing far-right/fundamentalist terrorism internationally – is immediately obvious. Mr. Anglin, an avowed White Supremacist and the editor-in-chief of ‘The Daily Stormer’ – which proudly bills itself as ‘The World’s Most Genocidal Republican Website’ – makes it clear that his movement plans to use combative, ‘Free Speech’ protests to establish a neo-fascist form of government through threat of force: ‘We are going to take over the country’ he says, ending his threatening harangue with: ‘This has only begun’.

Mr. Anglin, (a Eurosettler US citizen currently living in the African city of Lagos, Nigeria) went on to promise that similar (armed) engagements by the ‘alt-right’ would continue: ‘We are going to start doing this nonstop. Across the country’, and that: ‘We are going to go bigger than Charlottesville. We are going to go huge’.

These unambiguously seditious statements fall directly in line with the ultra-nationalist; anti-government; Nativist and ‘Birtherism’ arguments regularly promoted by mainstream Republican, Libertarian and other far-right media outlets and media personalities in the United States and across fringe websites and independent internet radio broadcasts that arose during the early days of the William J. Clinton administration. And it is important to remember here that the chief organiser of #UniteTheRight, Jason Kessler, was given ample room to air his views on far-right news media leading-up to the event in Charlottesville

However, reports by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – a watchdog organisation that monitors the activities of extremist groups in the United States – show that right-wing paramilitary outfits preaching violent, anti-government rhetoric have increased substantially since 2008 – the historic era of the Barack H. Obama administration – and again during the neoconservative push, led by the far-right National Rifle Association (NRA), to eliminate all federal legislation regulating the private ownership of military-grade assault weapons; concealed firearms; hollow-point projectiles and the quality of body-armour generally available (only) to professional law enforcement cadre and serving members of the US armed forces

Further, substantial evidence empirically shows that far-right paramilitary units; White Power extremists; racist prison gangs and numerous, solitary sympathisers of such groups present a clear and present danger to the civil order, with several of their leaders and some US republican representatives boldly calling for a Euro-settler ‘Race War’ upon immigrants and ethnic minorities within the continental United States and other English-speaking countries. The European Union (as has the Russian Federation) has also experienced a significant rise of organised fascist organisations; far-right terrorist activities and subversive, foreign influence of extremist factions dedicated to extremist violence. The Republic of India and the Republic of the Philippines have also experienced political shifts to the far-right. And the leaders of both nations have received strong support – with Rodrigo Duterte boasting of personal praise – for the escalation of far-right, law-and-order violence in their nations from President Trump

In a political climate carefully cultivated by ‘America Firstneoconservative planners and corporate journalists and professional propagandists, these not-so-subtle nods to White Supremacist ideologies has been interpretedas implied consent for ‘Lone Wolfattacks – such as those inspired by the late Euro-settler White Nationalist theorist William Luther Pierce’s and his book, ‘The Turner Diaries’ which has been used as a textbook for neo-Nazis on how to conduct a White Supremacist insurrection in North America. The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing Attack carried out by Timothy James McVeigh and Terry Nichols was informed by this book, as were numerous other acts of terror committed by members of the Ku Klux Klan; the White Patriot Party; the Aryan Nations and the Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (National Socialist Underground), a neo-Nazi gang responsible for a number of racist murders across Germany. ‘White Pride’ leader Bob Mathews of the Brüder Schweigen (Silent Brotherhood) sometimes known as ‘The Order’, was also stimulated by the ideas presented within the book and led a violent insurrection movement based on its suggestions until he was killed by US federal agents in 1984.


Several far-right organisations based on xenophobic, Christian Identity ideology have previously declared their intent to ‘wage war’ upon the government of the United States, and US Republicans have staunchly defended their right to operate. This was made apparent when the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was denounced by the mainstream of the Republican Party for releasing the results of an intelligence study documenting the aggressive recruitment of US military veterans – recently repatriated from Afghanistan and Iraq – by White Power and anti-government ultra-Nationalist paramilitary organisations. GOP members of the government forced the DHS to retract the report, despite the veracity of its findings

The conclusion of the DHS investigation was substantiated in another government report, this time released by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) titled, ‘The Modern Militia Movement’ which listed critical data on right-wing and Christian fundamentalist paramilitary recruitment; organisation and training facilities in the United States; as well as an abbreviated list of major, but under-reported, right-wing terrorist acts committed by White Supremacist extremists during the 1990’s and most of the next decade

Citing what they define as the undue influence of ‘Cultural Marxism’ and a purported anti-Christian, Jewish-contrived plot to carry out a ‘White Genocide’ across the Anglophone World, the radicals that attended the #UniteTheRight assembly in Charlottesville – armed with batons; ‘Crusader’ mediaeval shields; Kevlar-vests and automatic weaponry – admittedly seek to regenerate the American fascist movement with the moral help of what they (correctly) perceive to be a fascist-friendly Trump administration; a pro-Europocentric Republican Party apparatus and sympathetic police officers

The US president has habitually used his personal social media account to propagate alt-right Internet memes and these sentiments were amplified by Jason Kessler and Dillon Ulysses Hopper (the organisers of the #UniteTheRight rally) and other far-right agitators in Charlottesville. Their animus, this time, was expressly directed at the popular efforts being made to remove statues of US Civil War rebel army leader General Robert E. Lee – and other Confederate traitors cum-luminaries – around the country following the 2015 murders of nine elder American-Africans during a prayer service (the ‘Emanuel AME massacre’) by a young Euro-settler White Nationalist terrorist, Dylann Storm Roof, in Charleston, South Carolina

The White Power rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia was heavily promoted on The Daily Stormer, which is extremely popular with White Power advocates of varying far-rightist philosophies: self-described neo-Nazis that openly admire Adolf Hitler; racialist Libertarians and Paleoconservatives seeking to roll back non-European immigration and private property laws to 17-century norms and pseudo-intellectual, paramilitary ‘Third Position/Three Percenters seeking to establish an American Reich based upon their radical interpretation(s) of Manifest Destiny; Eugenics and a strong belief in the preservation of Anglo-colonialist domination over the entire Américas

Wielding Klan-style tiki-torches and sporting 1930’s Nazi-era haircuts; Fred Perry knits; Viking-warrior cosplay gear and automatic weaponry, the mostly millennial-aged crowd in Charlottesville chanted: ‘One people, One Nation, End Immigration’; ‘White Lives Matter’; ‘Blood and Soil’ and ‘Jews will not replace us’ – language shamelessly co-opted from the original Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Nazi Party). Others were filmed committing numerous (serious) armed assaults upon anti-fascist demonstrators as well as members of local law enforcement – who did not respond to alt-right physical aggression against police – but did react roughly against nonviolent counter-protestors (video) who were being attacked by fascists. According to numerous accounts, police allowed armed, White Power agitators to batter anti-racist counter-protestors (seemingly at specific intervals) in their presence, without any direct intervention at all

United States Attorney General JeffersonBeauregard Sessions III has publicly stated that his office would aggressively pursue hate groups operating within the United States in the wake of Charlottesville (without specifying White Nationalism or Sovereign Citizens by name). But since then, Mr. Sessions has strongly defended the president’s negative remarks and insensitive Twitter posts by Mr.Trump tacitly promoting the arguments put forward by the violent White Nationalists present at the rally. President Trump has been nothing but supportive of the intent behind the #UniteTheRight Charlottesville action, and important White Supremacist leaders, like Anglin, have noted their approval of his handling of the crisis. Many other US White Supremacists are on the record applauding the act of terrorism that took the life of Ms Hayer and are apathetically dismissive of the deaths Lt. H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, two police officers who were killed in a helicopter crash en route to the event

Despite all of this, President Donald J. Trump has continued to defend his personal decision to wait more than 48 hours to publicly comment on the crisis in Charlottesville and within 72 hours of the event, doubled-down and reverberated several alt-right talking-points unquestioningly favourable to the arguments advocated by US White Supremacists. The US president also went so far as to repost a cartoon of a CNN reporter being hit by a commuter train, three days after the terrorist murder of Ms. Heyer by James Alex Fields Jr, an associate of ‘Vanguard America’, who was photographed participating in several racialist activities earlier in the day. Following this, the right-wing media outlets FOX News and The Daily Caller not only mocked the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, but later removed articles from their websites encouraging conservatives to strike left-wing and anti-racist protesters with their vehicles

This violent tactic, used by Daesh/Islamic State terrorists in Europe, was discussed as an ‘option’ by individuals planning to participate in the #UniteTheRight event according to a report by independent news agency, Unicorn Riot. Other reports document comments and suggestions about murdering Jews between various White Supremacists and other anti-government extremists. The suspect of the Charlottesville car attack, James Fields (20), a former US Army recruit who was released from his contract due to, ‘a failure to meet training standards’ after less than four months of basic military education, has been charged with second-degree murder in the attack (not with terrorism) and malicious wounding

Mr. Fields, who was filmed shouting along with other alt-right ‘activists’; ‘Fuck you faggots’ and ‘Go the fuck back to Africa’ also carries an extensive police record for domestic violence and physical assaults against his own mother. And according to other reports, Mr. Fields has fiercely believed in White Supremacist ideologies and has admired Adolf Hitlersince childhood. Numerous far-right websites have attempted to quickly re-frame the alt-right terrorist attack as an Antifa (Anti-Fascist) operation with some falsely identified an innocent person of the crime and denying that Mr. Fields was guilty of anything all.

Mainstream US news media agencies such as FOX News have continued, like President Trump, to falsely blame left-wing, anti-racist and antifascist protesters for the premeditated fascist violence that occurred in Charlottesville. And sympathy for the victim of the terrorist attack, (Ms. Hayer) amongst the far-right is seemingly, non-existent

Mr. Anglin’s statement speaks for itself. The movement he represents is not new. And the thoroughly antiquated sociopolitical ideas that his website publicises are representative of discredited, anti-government attitudes that have circulated within far-right circles, such as the John Birch Society, since the early 1930’s

As an international representative of an organisation promising to overthrow the established, democratic government of the United States, Mr. Anlgin’s statement should be considered exactly for what it is, a treasonable declaration by an anti-American, domestic terrorist. And the #UniteTheRight neo-Nazi rally was specifically geared at bringing all the anti-government fellow-travellers together to further that agenda

Considering the heavy-handed response nonviolent #BlackLivesMatter activists receive from federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies and local police departments, as well as under-reported terrorist attacks levied against anti-racist activists by far-right terrorists, why is the Trump administration blatantly negligent when it comes to far-right and ultra-racist threats operating in the open – within the United States

Each day the Trump administration and its legal system sits by, allowing the White Power movement to promote racialism; neo-Confederate separatism; public calls for neo-Nazi acts of domestic violence and sedition in the name of White Power without serious action, North American extremists will continue to view certain elements within the federal government – including the executive office – of implicit concordance with their ideologies; their stated goals and their chosen methods of achieving those goals. Instead, AG Sessions appears to be more concerned with demanding in excess of 1.3 million IP addresses that have accessed a website promoting DisruptJ20, as part of a larger investigation into pro-democracy and pro-DNC activists who organised and/or participated in anti-Trump protests conducted during the inauguration.

The question now is, what will the Trump administration, the Sessions Justice Department – the Republican Party – and the US public, will do about an armed, far-right seditionist movement announcing their intent to overthrow the elected government of the United States

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