Phil Donahue, Anti-Trans* Violence, 1991

Phil Donahue, Anti-Trans* Violence, 1991 – YouTube – “We are a very immature nation.” A challenging Commercial Break from VINTAGECOMMERCIAL. Highly lurid, transphobic, and antagonistic Phil Donahue interview of transgendered, transsexual, transvestite, and otherwise trans* guests on his talk show, all of whom work in the sex industry. One guest of color recounts a violent beating received by a famous person. Another guest recounts experiencing other acts of violence. There’s a variety of attitudes and opinions expressed regarding violence against sex workers, the responsibilities of sex workers, and the role of homophobia/transphobia in disclosure. There is also a lack of appropriate gender, sex, and sexual orientation discussion. As Phil Donahue himself said, finally, at the very end, this is an exchange filled with insecurity, fear, and ignorance.

A lot of the language used is offensive.

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