Izzy Evans // The proposed ‘Iron Ring’ sculpture at Flint Castle is an insult to Wales

The proposed ‘Iron Ring’ sculpture at Flint Castle is an insult to Wales – Nation.Cymru – According to the Welsh Government’s own statement: “The Iron Ring symbolises a rusted crown representing the relationship between the medieval monarchies of Europe & the castles they built.”

The ‘Iron Ring’ is, of course, the collective name for the ring of castles built by Edward I in order to cement his hold on the lands he stole from the Welsh princes.

Flint was the first castle in this ring of power – a chain of fortresses designed to encircle the north Wales coast and oppress the Welsh.

Its construction began almost immediately after Edward I began the First Welsh War in 1277.

Can you imagine any other nation celebrating its own conquest? Its own government glorying in its subjugation?

The only alternative explanation is no less unflattering: That no one at the Arts Council or the Welsh Government realised what the sculpture represented, which suggests an embarrassing ignorance of Wales’ history.

It’s clear however that the designers themselves, the aptly named George King Architects, understood its significance full well.

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