Kelly Macias : #Trump is the first (US) president in 30 years to refuse to attend the #NAACP convention. Good riddance.

Trump is the first president in 30 years to refuse to attend the NAACP convention. Good riddance. – Needless to say that in his nearly two-year campaign, Donald Trump made it very clear to everyone he spoke to that black people, in his opinion, were doing terribly. “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed.” This was a narrative that he repeated often. So given a chance to speak to actual black people about his ‘yuge’ plans for fixing the conditions that have us living the hellhole that he so painstakingly painted on the campaign trail, you’d think he might actually take up the opportunity.

Except: it’s Donald Trump. He’s a complete fraud and a charlatan who wanted votes, and said anything to get them. This is the same man who campaigned as a champion of LGBTQ rights. But when Pride came last month, the White House refused to acknowledge it at all.


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  1. Dog bites man. If this guy ever does the right thing it’ll be newsworthy. There’s a cult of personality keeping him afloat for now, but I expect they’ll feel a lot like Madoff’s burned investors when it finally dawns on them that he never saw them as anything but marks.

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