NRA Ad Calls for Violence Toward ‘Black and Brown’ People, Says Tamika Mallory

NRA Ad Calls for Violence Toward ‘Black and Brown’ People, Says Tamika Mallory | DiversityInc – By Sheryl Estrada  – Mallory is a social justice activist who worked with New York City officials and closely with the Obama Administration as an advocate for issues surrounding civil rights, equal rights for women, health care, gun violence and police misconduct. In a phone interview with DiversityInc, she said several people made her aware of the NRA ad when it was first released. “Initially, I thought, honestly, that it might have been like a joke, it wasn’t real,” she commented. “After I realized the ad was in fact an NRA ad, I immediately recognized that it was very dangerous. “That particular ad was calling on violence toward people who look like me — Black and brown folk, number one, then of course people who are protesters. “The video is very dangerous and threatening to people who are practicing their First Amendment rights in this country.” Dana Loesch, who serves as the NRA’s special assistant to the executive vice president for public communication, is featured in the ad, which Mallory said uses “us versus them” rhetoric. Loesch refers to protesters only as “they.”

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