Rowena Mason: PM orders inquiry into intimidation of MPs during general election

PM orders inquiry into intimidation of MPs during general election | Politics | The Guardian – May’s announcement came as MPs debated the abuse they suffered in real life and on social media. Many MPs have already moved to improve their security since Labour’s Jo Cox was murdered by a rightwing extremist in 2015, but a large number have complained of a new level of harassment in the run-up to the 8 June vote.

Simon Hart, the Conservative MP who called the debate, said the party’s whips office had been dealing with “at least three credible threats to colleagues every week, including death threats, criminal damage, sexism, racism, homophobia, antisemitism and general thuggishness around and after the election”.

He said he considered elections to be a few weeks of “robust banter followed by a shake of the hand and a pint in the pub” when first elected in 2010, but the latest contest was characterised by “swastikas on election boards, offensive slogans and language on posters”.

Another powerful intervention came from Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, who said she receives racist abuse, including use of the N-word, “over and over again” every day – both online and offline.

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