Eliza Anyangwe: #France, #Macron and #European #Colonialism

With this slur against Africans, Macron’s radical pretence is over | Eliza Anyangwe | Opinion | The Guardian – “We see all kinds of effects of the ‘mission civilisatrice’ in Francophone Africa today,” she continued, “like the church’s teaching against contraceptive use, which most African adherents take very seriously. Do women in Francophone Africa want to give birth to far more children than they can reasonably feed, clothe, and educate? I doubt most do.”

Macron’s words had commentators asking whether the “honeymoon” was now over as a chink appeared in the Golden Boy’s armour, but perhaps the signs were there all along. While still campaigning for the presidency, Macron called France’s colonial history in Algeria “a crime against humanity”. But this centrist politician quickly changed his mind when his rebuke of France’s brutal past was met with criticism at home. In a speech in the south-eastern city of Toulon, Macron apologised for having hurt voters’ feelings, and dumbed down his accusation to speak instead of the need for France to face its “complex past”. But what about the feelings of the millions of Africans you casually slur, Monsieur Macron?

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