Dr Charles Mubita: #Africa: When #France Said – “Long Live #NeoColonialism”

Africa: When France Said – “Long Live Neo-Colonialism” – allAfrica.com – By Dr Charles Mubita

The attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead drew mixed reactions from Africans and other citizens of the world. As leaders around the world expressed their messages of solidarity, memes, articles, Twitter, Facebook and the media tripped over each other with 24/7 coverage as the world got covered in the blue, white and red colours of the French flag.

While there was nothing fundamentally wrong for people to change their Facebook profile pictures to the French flag as a sign of solidarity with the bereaved nation, others questioned why the same facility was not provided during massacres in Beirut, Baghdad, Kenya and Nigeria.

Many felt that it was a racist double standard. Arguments went back and forth, and the rest is history. The frenzy associated with the attention that the Paris massacre received, reminded some that there is apartheid in death, as there is in life.

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