New map records massacres of #Aboriginal people in Frontier Wars – ABC News

New map records massacres of Aboriginal people in Frontier Wars – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – Each site has been recorded alongside multiple accounts of the battles, with sources from newspaper reports, settler diaries and letters, and court records.

Professor Ryan said Tasmania was the first site where major massacres occurred — the conflict there is commonly known as the Black War.

“They went for a period of about seven or eight years, and it terms of the Aboriginal population in Tasmania, certainly the numbers were devastating,” she said.

But as settlers moved north along the mainland, Professor Ryan said death counts rose dramatically.

“We’ve got a number of really major massacres where 60 or more [people] were killed and then we’ve got a very major event at Gippsland, the Warrigal Creek massacres, where over a period of about five days, about 150 people were killed,” she said.

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