Akyaaba Addai-Sebo: Fidel Castro: A lesson for African leaders

Fidel Castro: A lesson for African leaders | The Herald – Africa’s great friend is Cuba. The significance of Cuban solidarity and unstinting love for and understanding of Africa must be taught in schools across Africa to instil that essential value of “Love thy neighbour as thyself” or “I’m my brother’s keeper”. For, it is on the strength of such moral foundations that future global peace and security could be ordered.

It is the moral compass of Fidel Castro and his humanitarian impulse that shaped his courage to withstand the immoral onslaught of the US to bend his knees and those of the Cuban people.

Though bombarded by US sanctions and vicious campaigns to isolate Cuba internationally, Castro and his people would not allow the US to bend their knees, however wounded.

This is the stark lesson that must be taught as part of the glorious history of Pan-African resistance to imperialism and colonialism and the enslavement and revolts that shaped the political-economy of the Americas and Europe and humanised a section of the American and European ruling classes as their conscience got constantly stirred by the “Amazing Grace” and equanimity of the “field and house negroes”, who provided for and served them.

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