So do you condone the assaulting of random people for not supporting your beliefs?

So do you condone the assaulting of random people for not supporting your beliefs? // asked by angrystonedginger

Don’t get it twisted, son.

1) Antifascist “beliefs” boil down to this: that people should be able to exist and live their lives no matter their “race,” ethnicity, membership in a religious or linguistic minority, disabilities, gender or sexual orientation.

2) People who don’t support the right of other people to exist or live their lives if those other people are of a different “race,” ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation, are disabled, etc. = awful fucking people.

3) We don’t police other anti-fascists and we trust anti-fascists to know how best to respond when people in their communities not only don’t “support” our “beliefs” but are actively organizing and perpetuating serious violence against those typically targeted by fascists.   By our count, bigots and fascists have murdered 18 people and seriously injured another thirty-five so far this year.

We hear a lot of blubbering and gnashing of teeth over “anti-fascist violence” these days but the same whiners never have shit to say about the actual, serious violence being perpetrated by fascists – precisely the kind of serious violence anti-fascists have been putting themselves on the line to stop for the last eighty years or so.

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