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The Hidden Hitler – Wikipedia – The Hidden Hitler (German: Hitlers Geheimnis. Das Doppelleben eines Diktators; the title translates literally as “Hitler’s Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator”) is a 2001 book by German professor and historian Lothar Machtan. The German original was published by Alexander Fest Verlag, while the English-translated version was published by Basic Books in New York City. (ISBN 0-465-04308-9)

The book discusses Adolf Hitler’s sexuality. Machtan argues that Hitler was a closeted homosexual. Among the evidence, he cites the allegedly homoerotic nature of his friendship with August Kubizek during Hitler’s youth in Vienna.

The question of Hitler’s homosexuality is also raised in Walter C. Langer’s work The Mind of Adolf Hitler and in Waite’s psychoanalytic history The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler. However, most scholars dismiss these claims and believe Hitler was heterosexual.[1][2][3]

“The Hidden Hitler” by Lothar Machtan – – Of course, that would have made it no less controversial, and the unfair knocks being directed at Machtan outnumber the legitimate ones. For instance, in the Oct. 25 Washington Post Book World Geoffrey Giles reprimands Machtan for coming “perilously close to blaming the entire Holocaust on Hitler’s alleged sexuality.” If this accusation were true, Machtan would be deserving of the same kind of mockery that has always greeted historians who have tried to explain authoritarian personalities in terms of their sexuality (Jonathan Swift satirized the lot of them when he suggested that Alexander the Great tried to conquer the world because all his unused semen had gone to his head).

But that’s not what Machtan is trying to do; what he is trying to do is prove that Hitler was a homosexual. Not a maniac or a paranoid — Machtan doesn’t waste steam on what we already know — but a homosexual, and the major resistance to this idea is coming, understandably, from homosexuals — who are anxious not to see Hitler’s name with “gay” in front of it — and from sympathetic liberals.

I’m both sympathetic and liberal, but Machtan’s case is simply too strong to be brushed aside. In a recent edition of, Paul Schindler points out that when “a print ad for the book that has run in the New York Times bears the headline, ‘The first book to reveal Hitler’s secret life and its calamitous public consequences’ … it’s hard to escape the conclusion that anybody connected to the marketing campaign must have recognized that such a tease certainly suggested a link between homosexuality and the 20th century’s most despicable crimes. In fact, media reaction to the book has played up exactly that link.”

Gays and the Holocaust: Exhibition on Nazi persecution of gays coming to South Florida – tribunedigital-sunsentinel – December 3, 2012|By James D. Davis, Staff writer

Jews weren’t the only targets of the Holocaust: They often found themselves in concentration camps with non-Jewish gays.

That relatively little-known chapter of Hitler’s Third Reich is the topic of “Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, 1933-1945,” an exhibition bound for South Florida for a two-month run.

Opening Thursday at the Compass Gay & Lesbian Community Center in Lake Worth, the exhibition bares Nazi brutality toward gays: at least 100,000 arrested, and perhaps 15,000 sent to camps like Dachau and Sachsenhausen.

“When you bring this into a community, it actually changes people’s lives,” said Tony Plakas, CEO of the Compass Center.

“It’s about a historical event, you look at it through the lens of genocide, and it has a real-life application.”

Ted Phillips of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, who created the exhibition a decade ago, agrees.

UK Indymedia | Gay Nazis & Skinheads PS – Crane was for some time a Nazi poster boy and very prominent in the Nazi movement in the 1980s. He was a member of the fascist British Movement Leader Guard and had something of a fearsome reputation on the cobbles. He was mates with Ian Stuart Donaldson of Skrewdriver etc. and did the security for their gigs. Crane was featured on the cover of one of the Oi! albums, looking very butch, much to the embarrassment of Gary Bushell who was promoting the music and was desperate to convince people that Oi! wasn’t involved with organised fascism. This was despite the fact that Gary Hitchcock of Combat 18 was the manager of the Oi band the 4 Skins. The 4 Skins played in Southall, a predominantly Asian area (and much recommended for cheap and delicious restaurants), which resulted in a mini-riot and the boozer being torched.

Incidentally, Chris ‘Chubby’ Henderson of the band Combat 84 also came out of this scene. Henderson has written a book called Who Wants It? which is an extremely selective account of his days as a hooligan with the Chelsea Headhunters and massively glosses over his far right connections with Combat 18 and the Headhunters fascist leanings. There is a direct connection between Oi! and the Blood & Honour movement which should be documented…

Anyway … Nicky Crane outed himself in the early 90s which caused a quandary amongst his fascist contemporaries: Nicky is a hero and alright, but he is gay? Experience clashes with prejudice and it’s meltdown time! There was mass embarrassment for the rampant homophobes of the Nazi movement who had previously held him up as an Aryan role model and street-fighter to be emulated. Oh dear! We can only assume he was instantly marginalised from the likes of Combat 18, BM and Skrewdriver. There was a rumour that Crane had done some hardcore gay porn but how true this is we do not know. There was also some connection with Genesis P. Orridge/ Temple of Psychic Youth, possibly an appearance in a video, but we have never seen any visual evidence for either of these. Crane was working the doors of London gay clubs and eventually contracted and died of AIDS. It is unclear if Donaldson attended the funeral.

Gay Russian neo-Nazis. Really. – The group, Gay Aryan National Socialists (GANS) says it’s been around since 2008. And if it’s various Web postings are to be believed, they’ve opened a number of chapters in the Russian region, though a chapter could be as few as one pink nazi.

In a way, none of this should be surprising. I’ve often said that racism, homophobia, sexism – all bigotry – aren’t exclusive to any one race, gender, or sexual orientation. Gays can be homophobes, blacks can be racist, women can be sexist, and all of them can far too easily hate each other. Prejudice is an equal-opportunity scourge. (Though you’d be surprised how many people on the (far?) left disagree with that statement. The irony, of course, is that many who disagree give off strong vibes of being bigots themselves, so it’s a convenient form of self-protection.)

An Interview with a Gay, Russian Neo-Nazi – VICE – A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed someone from the Malaysian neo-Nazi scene. The whole concept of Malay neo-Nazis was confusing, because a pretty dominant part of the Nazi shtick was hating anyone who wasn’t white, and people from Malaysia normally aren’t white. However, it turned out that the notoriously strict Nazi ideology wasn’t too much of an issue in this case, and that the Malay Nazis could carry on sieg-heiling and wearing swastikas despite the fact they aren’t Aryan because they really hate immigrants, or something.

Another group of neo-Nazis not bothering to adhere to Hitler’s guidelines on who to hate are those involved in the Russian gay neo-Nazi skinhead movement. As you might recall from being within spitting distance of any history textbook ever, the Führer and his Third Reich buddies weren’t too keen on either Russians or homosexuals—an estimated 100,000 of the latter were arrested between 1933 and 1945, with 5,000 to 15,000 eventually being sent to perish in concentration camps.

Much like the Malays, minor historical details like rampant persecution and horrific genocide have apparently been forgotten by the Russians. The first such group I came across were the Gay Union of Patriots of Russia, whose members spout bizarre theories about how only gay men can be true Russian patriots. I also learned that there was a group called Gay Aryan National-Socialists and another called GASH (Gay Aryan Skinheads). That last one had the best ring to it, so I tracked down a member, Balu, on—a Facebook equivalent that’s big in Russia—and had a chat about the gay Russian Nazi scene.

Nazism and homosexuality – RationalWiki – The apparent connection between Nazism and homosexuality is cited by various wingnuts[2] as proof that the gay agenda is a Nazi-style conspiracy to destroy the family.[3] It is widely regarded by most decent scholars as homophobic vitriol and utter bollocks, as well as a form of pseudohistory. The Nazis were opposed to homosexuality and abortion, despite what Conservapedia may tell you.

Apart from one notable exception (see below), the Nazis were predominately heterosexual, and up to 15,000 gay men were killed in the Holocaust. Which would be odd for a party enforcing a gay agenda, wouldn’t it?

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