ANF | Father-daughter fighting on the same frontline in Shengal

ANF | Father-daughter fighting on the same frontline in Shengal – One of the villages ISIS massacred Êzidî Kurds in on August 3, 2014 is Shengal’s Kocho village. YBŞ fighter Ibrahim Murad Hewîn (50) is one of the survivors. Hewîn took his place in the ranks of YBŞ, which he sees as the guarantee for his people’s life, and has been on the path to freedom along with his 3 children for almost 3 years. He is the father in Shengal’s favorite family, and now he is on Shengal frontlines along with his daughter Berxwedan Tolhildan (20) in the YJŞ ranks.


Ibrahim and Berxwedan in the YBŞ and YJŞ talk to ANF about the joy of being in the same frontlines. YJŞ fighter Tolhildan says the reason she joined was to make the dreams of her fallen comrades a reality and adds: “I feel good being in the YBŞ along with my father. It was our dream to achieve success together and gift it to our martyred comrades.” She says they will fulfill the promise they made to the Êzidî women.

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